Following my recent decision to branch out into a purely online version of Enjoy! Fair Trade, I have been investigating a wider range of stock options. Not that I am going to leave behind all the old favourites such as the cotton and bamboo clothing ranges, but I have come across this rather interesting alternative to your run of the mill fabric.

I'll admit that what first caught my eye was the beautiful strong  colours; it really did brighten up my day and I thought "Oh, that'll be nice for people to wear as the darker days come before winter, it'll really cheer them up putting that on of a dark winter's morn!"
But a few moments after I had that fleeting thought, I discovered that the beautiful skirt I had in my hands was actually made of wood and I was completely stunned!

The fabric is called Tencel and it's made using wood cellulose so it's ultimately biodegradable. It really is amazing stuff and it's been around since the 70s and 80s, although it's only recently started being used more widely as improvements in technology have led to production costs coming down. 
You can find Tencel mixed in with all sorts of different fabrics for every day items including denim jeans and jackets, but what makes it so good for clothing like this gorgeous Thought Rosetti Skirt is that it just feels so silky smooth! 

I'm pretty certain that you could get several seasons' wear out of it, given the classic lines and robust tailoring, but what makes it so special is that you know it won't inevitably be making yet another unnecessary contribution to the already overflowing landfills of the world!

WWB3263 Rossetti Floral Print Midi Skirt CLOSE3
WWB3263 Rossetti Floral Print Midi Skirt FRONT2